Luis Raúl Toledo Carrejo: Behind The Shadows Of Enedina Arellano Félix

Luis Raúl Toledo Carrejo Behind The Shadows Of Enedina Arellano Félix

In the intricate web of Mexico’s notorious drug cartels, one name often remains hidden in the shadows but holds significant influence – Luis Raúl Toledo Carrejo. This article delves into the life and actions of Luis Raúl Toledo Carrejo, a man intricately connected with the notorious Arellano Félix cartel, particularly with Enedina Arellano Félix, the only sister among the infamous Arellano Félix brothers.


The underworld of drug cartels has long been a subject of fascination and fear. While most of the attention is directed towards the male figures at the helm, the women and associates behind the scenes play pivotal roles in sustaining the power and operations of these criminal organizations. One such figure is Luis Raúl Toledo Carrejo, whose story is both intriguing and shrouded in secrecy.

The Rise of Enedina Arellano Félix

To understand the enigmatic figure of Luis Raúl Toledo Carrejo, we must first explore the rise of Enedina Arellano Félix. Enedina, the sister of the notorious Arellano Félix brothers, emerged as a formidable force within the cartel after their arrests. Her journey from a sheltered upbringing to becoming one of the most influential women in the drug trade is a tale of determination and cunning.

The Enigma of Luis Raúl Toledo Carrejo

Luis Raúl Toledo Carrejo, often referred to as “El 13,” has remained largely in the background, avoiding the spotlight that frequently exposes other cartel members. This discretion has allowed him to operate covertly, making him a vital asset in Enedina’s network.

Early Life and Entry into the Cartel

Born in a small Mexican town, Luis Raúl Toledo Carrejo’s early life appeared ordinary. However, like many drawn into the world of organized crime, his path took a dark turn. He entered the Arellano Félix cartel at a young age, initially performing menial tasks but quickly rising through the ranks due to his intelligence and resourcefulness.

The Right-Hand Man

Luis Raúl Toledo Carrejo soon became Enedina Arellano Félix’s right-hand man, handling crucial responsibilities that ensured the cartel’s smooth operation. His deep knowledge of logistics, finance, and internal workings made him indispensable.

The Power Couple

Enedina Arellano Félix and Luis Raúl Toledo Carrejo’s partnership is often likened to a power couple within the criminal underworld. Their collaboration was not only professional but also personal, further complicating the dynamics of the Arellano Félix cartel.

The Shadowy Operations

Behind the scenes, Luis Raúl Toledo Carrejo was instrumental in orchestrating covert drug shipments, money laundering, and maintaining connections with international drug trafficking organizations. His ability to navigate the complex web of drug trade routes and evade law enforcement made him a formidable adversary.

The Fall and Ongoing Mysteries

Despite their successes, the Arellano Félix cartel faced numerous challenges, including the arrest of key members. In 2008, Enedina Arellano Félix was detained, leading to a significant blow to the cartel’s operations. Luis Raúl Toledo Carrejo managed to evade capture, leaving many questions unanswered.


The story of Luis Raúl Toledo Carrejo remains a puzzle within the intricate world of Mexican drug cartels. While his role in supporting Enedina Arellano Félix is evident, the full extent of his influence and activities remains shrouded in secrecy.

For those curious about the hidden narratives and personalities that shape the criminal underworld, the enigma of Luis Raúl Toledo Carrejo continues to intrigue.


  • Who is Luis Raúl Toledo Carrejo? 
  • Luis Raúl Toledo Carrejo, also known as “El 13,” is an enigmatic figure associated with the Arellano Félix cartel, particularly with Enedina Arellano Félix.
  • What was Luis Raúl Toledo Carrejo’s role in the cartel? 
  • He played a crucial role in logistics, finance, and maintaining connections with international drug trafficking organizations, ensuring the cartel’s smooth operation.
  • What happened to Enedina Arellano Félix?
  • Enedina Arellano Félix was arrested in 2008, leading to a significant setback for the Arellano Félix cartel.
  • Did Luis Raúl Toledo Carrejo face legal consequences? 
  • As of the latest available information, Luis Raúl Toledo Carrejo managed to evade capture and legal consequences.

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